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Upcoming Events:

K9 Nose Work Fun Search Day!

SUNDAY Nov. 16th, 2014

Details soon...

Heflin, AL

This event is for all Nose Work enthusiasts and those interested in finding out more about this ultra-fun dog activity!

Dogs can be on primary reward (food or toy only!) or on target odors. If your dog is on primary only, you and your dog will search at the end of the running order. If your dog is not training in Nose Work yet, you can register as an AUDITOR or as a HELPER and have fun so you can see what this crazy nose work thing is all about!  See schedule below to see what time Helpers must arrive. Read more about K9 Nose Work®.

We will have several search areas with either 1 or 2 hides each that are appropriate for all levels and that can be run blind with help or as known hides. Search areas will be birch only (or food only if still on primary only), however, you may also request at the beginning of your search to have anise and/or clove added.  All hides will be source-able to the dogs - which is great practice for dogs at all levels!



Questions? Contact Leah Gangelhoff: